Senior Scientist


Job Title: 

Senior Scientist  


Ph.D. or M.Sc. in microbiology, chemistry or related field. Responsible for the delivery and evaluation of contract research contracts in accordance with contract requirements and company policies, procedures and guidelines. Responsible for the planning, delivery and evaluation of internal research programs associated with animal welfare product development, antimicrobial resistance, pre-clinical in vivo trials, and food production animal field trials in accordance with contract requirements and company policies, procedures and guidelines. Strong background in science and laboratory procedures. Strong project management skills required.


Works closely with research team in a leadership role in the completion of contract research and internal research programs. 

Participates in and leads weekly laboratory meetings.


  • Design,      plan and execute experiments that are part of the company’s external      contract research business.  
  • Take      ownership of assigned tasks and work closely with external and internal      team members to ensure that the appropriate resources are allocated to      projects and that the tasks are completed on time and on budget
  • Required      to participate in internal R&D programs as required. Process and organize the resulting data      from all research.
  • Apply      and develop the results of research to work through a variety of      applications, such as new products, processes, techniques or practices.
  • Draw up      research proposals in order to apply for grants and awards when required.
  • Train      and supervise students and laboratory technologists performing work for      the company.
  • Maintain      awareness of relevant developments by other researchers.
  • Writing      original research papers and technical reports based on findings for      submission to specialist subject publications.

Location of Work: 

· Airdrie, Alberta.

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